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Magna Contracting & Management Inc. fully understands that every project is unique and we tailor our services to our clients' needs.  Our business strengths include:

  • Specializing in general contracting and construction management.

  • Extensive experience in commercial, institutional and industrial construction.

  • Extensive experience in design/build construction.

  • Extensive experience in the structural form working industry.

  • Experience in liaising with architects, engineers, and governing authorities.

  • Understanding the importance of schedules, budget costs and quality of work.

 Our Services Include:

  • General Contracting with extensive experience in commercial, institutional, and industrial projects.

  • Project/Construction Management.

  • Design/Build Construction.

  • Estimating and Quantity Surveying.

  • Skilled in Structural Formworking.


Construction Safety

Magna Contracting & Management Inc. is committed to a strong Health, Safety and Environment program.   This program helps to protect its employees, property, and the public from accidents, injury, and damage to property/environment while also preventing industrial diseases.  Some highlights include:

  • Providing all employees with safety orientation.

Our Accreditations Include:

  • COR - Certified by the NL Construction Safety Association(NLCSA).

  • Certified in Occupational Health and Safety(OH&S).

  • Leeds Certification.

  • Providing employees with proper job related training including fall protection, first aid, WHMIS, etc.

  • Investigating all incidents, accidents and near misses to determine the root cause to prevent re-occurrences.

  • Providing updated safety and regulatory information education to all employees.

  • Strictly enforcing the company's safety program and all other Government regulations.

  • Conducting regular workplace inspections and toolbox meetings to determine what safety issues currently exist in hopes of reducing future incident.

  • Promoting a safe work environment to all employees and stakeholders.


  • Superintendents must have extensive experience in the construction industry and possess excellent site, supplier, and sub-contractor coordination skills.

  • All superintendents possess strong communication skills and are expected to be obliging and considerate towards owners, clients and facility users.

Project/Construction Management

  • Responsible for all liaising with Architect, Consultant, Owner representative, City and Provincial authorities as required.

  • Procurement of relative suppliers and sub-contractors for the work through a tender process.  

  • Procurement of appropriate shop drawings, product data, and samples for facilitate construction. Distribution of same upon review.

  • Insurance of purchase orders and sub-contracts, complete with all associated documentation.

  • Requisition of securities if required, Letter of Good Standing from WHSCC, Certificate of Insurance, etc...

  • Ensure all work is being performed in a safe manner in accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

  • Provide daily and weekly inspections in conjunction with the consultant to ensure all work is in accordance with the codes, drawings and regulations.

  • Provide inspection reports.

  • Co-ordinate geo-technical inspection as required.

  • Issuance, monitoring, and adherence to Construction schedule.

  • Preparation of monthly progress payments.

  • Budget and cost control on a monthly basis.

  • Responsible for all project meeting, documentation, and issuance of job minutes.

  • Responsible for documenting all changes in the work and reporting these changes to owner and any relative sub-contractor.

  • Maintenance of all project documentation, incorporating relative information and changes into "as-builts" delivered at the termination of the contract.

  • Preparation and submission of Operation and Maintenance Manuals at the termination of the Contract.

  • Responsible for the monitoring and co-ordination of the one (1) year warranty period.

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